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 Getting Started with Online Commerce

E-commerce basics
With the amazing growth of the Internet, it seems that everyone has a Web site these days. From the smallest Mom-and-Pop businesses to industry giants, the Internet allows everyone to compete. And yet, setting up a professional business Web site is not so easy. How you establish your Internet presence determines if your e-business succeeds or fails.

We believe you should treat your e-business like a traditional  brick-and-mortar business. Have a solid business plan and budget. Develop a marketing plan to attract and retain customers. Keep track of your orders, ship items and perform customer service. Recognize that setting up and running a business web site costs money. Understand that you will need the services below to succeed.  EmeriWeb has all the tools into place and we have taken out the mystery to start your own online business!  Below the steps needed.

Your Own Domain Name
Consider establishing your own domain name now (like if you are serious about e-commerce and you have not registered a domain. Do a domain name search here.

Once you have your domain name you will need to "put it" somewhere. You will need to "rent computer space" from a host/server. Simply put a server is a computer that enables you to put your website on the internet for your customers to view. A "Host" is responsible for maintaining the server (computer) and its complex connections with the internet.

Various "Hosts" also offer hosting packages with many different features that are crucial for you and your customers to do business via the internet like email accounts, auto-responders, form mail, etc. Click here for more info

Secure server connection
There is a lot of concern about security on the Internet. To make sure your customer's transactions are safe, follow established conventions in Internet security, which means using a secure server for Online Charge and Online Check transactions.

A secure server runs software that establishes a secure connection with your customer's Internet browser using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt transmitted information. You know you are on a secure server when your browser shows https:// on the browser address bar and a lock icon on the status bar.  You can get your own secure certificate or use our server wide secure server to host your web site. 

Web site
Before taking Internet orders, you need a Web site. There is no shortage of experts who will help you design and put up a site. Many computer literate individuals choose to do all the work themselves. If you don't possess these skills, find someone who does! If you would like more information about our EmeriWeb designing services simply contact us

Selling Online
Your webmaster (someone who designs and/or builds your website) , or yourself, will need three important things in place and integrated into your website before taking Internet orders.

1. Shopping cart software
2. A payment gateway
3. A merchant account

Each one requires it's own setup fees, monthly fees, tranactions fees etc., etc., etc. which can get very costly. You will also have to wait various times for each application to be approved before you get started selling online. That is why EmeriWeb made it simple by including some of these fees into your low monthly e-commerce hosting price. Everyone is approved and there is no application to fill out. Though we offer these other services (see below), we recommend that you check out our easy e-commerce solutions by clicking here.

Merchant Account _____[Top]

A Merchant Account is a bank account that allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from your customers. Most established businesses already have a Merchant Account but you need to check with your bank to make sure it can handle Internet transactions. If you do not have a Merchant Account, EmeriWeb has teamed up with the Humboldt Bank and you can apply via the Merchant Account Express Application. You do not have to host with us to apply for a Merchant Account. Anybody can apply. Apply here!

Note: A Merchant Account is not needed with one of EmeriWeb's Easy & Fast Start E-Commerce Solution Packages. Click on either
Ew-Commercial ~ PROFESSIONAL,
Ew-Commercial ~ PRO-PLUS or
*** Ew-FREEDOM ***

or see Getting Started with Online Commerce

Shopping Cart _____ [Top]

You will want to present your products, prices, size and color options, calculate sales tax and shipping costs and collect credit card or electronic check information. You need a product catalog and purchase order form so your customers can place orders on your Web site. It sounds simple but is a complicated piece of software. Our Miva Merchant 4.0 Store Front shopping cart does all this. Miva Merchant (a $595 value!) is included for Free with the Ew-Freedom Hosting plan.

Payment Gateway _____ [Top]

You need a way to provide real time Online Charge processing and to accept Online Check checks from your customer we suggest you choose the Innuity Online Commerce Suite, premier provider since 1996! You do not have to host with us to apply for a Payment Gateway Account. Anybody can apply.

Note: A Payment Gateway is not needed with one of EmeriWeb's Easy & Fast Start E-Commerce Solution Packages. Click on either
Ew-Commercial ~ PROFESSIONAL,
Ew-Commercial ~ PRO-PLUS or
*** Ew-FREEDOM ***

or see Getting Started with Online Commerce


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